Collective Worship

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An act of collective worship takes place each day at Hawkhurst Church of England Primary School. In keeping with our links with the church, these are Christian in content and reflect the traditions of the Church of England.

Our collective worship is wholly Christian and based on the Church of England. Our 5 selected values – forgiveness, friendship, endurance, reverence and fellowship – are central to our collective worship. Although we broadly follow the Diocesan plans of worship we are flexible in content and ensure that the vast majority of stories used in collective worship are derived both from the Old and New Testaments.

Children listen to music and are encouraged to reflect on both the issues and the wonders of our world. We sing songs of worship enthusiastically and always include time together with a prayer or a quiet thought.

Once a week, our Vicar, Rev Rodney Dreyer, leads our worship and we hold at least one special assembly in St Laurence’s Church each term. We also hold Bread of Fellowship services at school with the Vicar for Years 5 and 6.

All parents have the right to withdraw their child from Collective Worship and Religious Education and any parent wishing to do so should contact the Head Teacher. Pupils who are withdrawn are provided with appropriate alternative activities, according to individual needs.


Other Community Links

The school premises are used by the community for a variety of functions, e.g. the horticultural society.

Our links with Puddleduck Pre-School are very strong and contribute to a smooth transition to school.