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Complaints Policy

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At Hawkhurst CE Primary School we seek to ensure that all children are in a happy and safe learning environment. To this end we will deal with complaints received in school, placing the children’s best interests first.

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Data Protection Policy

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Hawkhurst Church of England Primary School may from time to time process sensitive personal data regarding a learner or their parents or guardians. Sensitive personal data includes medical information and data relating to religion, race, or criminal records and proceedings. Where sensitive personal data is processed by Hawkhurst Church of England Primary School the purpose will be clearly communicated to the data subject and their explicit consent required in writing.

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Disability Equality Scheme Policy

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The Disability Equality Duty of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 2005 places on all public authorities (including schools) a general duty, when carrying out their functions, to:
promote equality of opportunity between disabled people and other people; eliminate discrimination that is unlawful under the DDA 1995; eliminate harassment of disabled people that is related to their disability;
promote positive attitudes towards disabled people; encourage participation by disabled people in public life; take steps to meet disabled people’s needs, even if this requires more favourable treatment.

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e-Safety (Internet) Policy

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The purpose of Internet use in school is to raise educational standards, to promote pupil achievement, to support the professional work of staff and to enhance the school’s management information and administration systems.
Internet use is part of the statutory curriculum and a necessary tool for learning. It is an essential element in 21st century life for education, business and social interaction. Access to the Internet is therefore an entitlement for pupils who show a responsible and mature approach to its use. Our school has a duty to provide pupils with quality Internet access.

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Food & Drink in School Policy

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At Hawkhurst CE Primary School we seek to be a healthy school. It is important that we consider all elements of our work to ensure that we promote health awareness in all members of the school community. We can provide a valuable role model to pupils and their families with regard to food and healthy eating patterns.

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Home Learning Policy

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Home learning may build on work done in the classroom, thus enabling the class teacher and the parent to confirm that the child has an understanding of a subject. It helps to develop a sense of discipline about learning at home. Homework may sometimes be set to provide a starting point for learning in the classroom.
Most homework will focus on the core subjects – English, Mathematics and Science. Occasionally other subjects will be set such as a creative topic which will extend over a term.

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Marking and Feedback Policy

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It is expected that children will be told or shown how to improve a piece of work by a constructive comment at least once a week in both Mathematics and English.
When marking work connected to the foundation subjects it is expected that there will be evidence of marking on each piece of work but this need not be detailed, unless that work has replaced the English for the week. Some pieces will have questions that deepen children’s understanding of the subject.

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Online Safety Policy

Online Safety Policy

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The purpose of Hawkhurst C.E. Primary School online safety policy is to Safeguard and protect all members of Hawkhurst C.E. Primary School community online. o Identify approaches to educate and raise awareness of online safety throughout the community; To enable all staff to work safely and responsibly, to role model positive behaviour online and to manage professional standards and practice when using technology; To identify clear procedures to use when responding to online safety concerns.

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